ESU for Kids - Summer 2015

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ESU for Kids Summer

Register now for our ESU for Kids summer program! Choose from one fifteen day course, two fifteen day courses, or up to seven courses per day!

When: Weekdays, July 13 - 31
Where: Stroud Hall on ESU Campus

ESU for Kids Summer 2015 Brochure

ESU for Kids Summer 2015 Schedule

ESU for Kids Summer 2015 Course Descriptions

Summer 2015 Cancelled Courses

*Register by Tuesday, May 26 to make sure you get the best selection of fifteen-day courses! Courses with low enrollment may be canceled. Please don't wait!
**Online registration closes at the end of the day on Friday, July 10, 2015
***Students must bring lunch, snacks, and drinks with them each day.

One 3-week course

Two 3-week courses

Three 3-week courses

Four 3-week courses

Five 3-week courses

Six 3-week courses

Seven 3-week courses